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Gourmet Protein Bars

The original product that launched the a national insect protein industry in 2012. Chapul cricket bars are the first of it's kind, and have continually improved since the hand-made days. 
Chapul Cricket Protein Bars are:
  • High Protein (10g)
  • Low Sugar (< 9g)
  • No soy, dairy, gluten
  • 4Award winning flavors
Each case contains 4, retail-ready caddies of 12 bars each (48 bars total/case). Order ships in 3-4 days. 

Protein Powders

Chapul Protein Powders are complete nutritional blends that are an eco-friendly and nutritionally complete combination. High in Vitamin B12, Bioavailable Iron, complete protein, and prebiotic fiber. 
Great for grocery, cross fit gyms, smoothie/juice shops, and health food stores with a customer base looking for superior nutrition on the cutting edge of health and sustainability. 
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