7 Reasons You Should Drink Cricket Protein Everyday...


If you haven't added crickets to your daily diet yet, you're missing out on an ancient SUPERFOOD that has countless health benefits, is fat burning, muscle-building, energy-increasing, brain-boosting, and actually tastes great. Plus, cricket protein plays an important role if you want to preserve water, and support an environmentally-friendly protein revolution! Read on to find out why cricket protein is going to be the favorite part of your day...



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1. Cricket protein is a SUPERFOOD that helps you burn fat and build muscle.

Did you know cricket powder is super dense in protein? It has 2X more protein than a beef sirloin, which is great for building and keeping muscle.

Complete protein sources, like cricket protein is known to promote weight loss by reducing hunger and boosting your metabolism.

Chapul cricket protein powder is also a minimally-processed, clean protein that contains all the essential amino acids for healthy muscle growth and development. Crickets do not contain the negative phytoestrogens that are in soy, and are more digestible than whey protein and other meat substitutes. Which means it's an ideal daily protein powder for those wanting to build muscle and lose weight.

2. You'll maximize your brainpower (hello! smarter you).

Everyone has those days where they feel a little foggy. Turns out there’s a lot that goes into keeping your brain chugging full steam.

Cricket protein powder has 100% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin B12, which is critical for maintaining brain function. It also contains 4X more iron than spinach. Iron helps your body and your brain absorb oxygen effectively, improving brain and muscle function.

3. You'll have all-day energy to fuel your adventures.

Starting your day with a protein dense breakfast is crazy important for having all day energy. Protein helps maintain blood sugar levels, so you can stave of the donut cravings. Plus our cricket protein powder isn’t loaded with sugar, so you can skip the mid-morning crash that is keeping everyone else slow and sluggish.

Crickets are tiny vitamin B12 powerhouses. They have as much B12 as a serving of salmon. B12 helps your body metabolize food and turn it into energy. This means that getting 110% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin B12 will keep you energized for the next adventure life throws your way.

And cricket protein doesn't get anymore convenient. You can drink it as your breakfast shake, snack, or post-workout protein boost.

4. You're actually absorbing all these nutrients in a natural, bioavailable form (so you can save cash on ineffective supplements)

Did you know iron deficiency is extremely common in the United States, especially among women, vegetarians, pescatarian, and flexitarians? Iron helps your muscles work and supports energy levels. If you're low in iron you may feel weak, fatigued, have brittle nails, hair loss, headache, or feel irritable.

Cricket protein powder contains bioavailable iron, which means your body can actually absorb the nutrients versus with pills that can't be fully absorbed. So you’ll feel stronger and more athletic, regularly.

Cricket protein also contains bioavailable omega 3 fatty acids and many essential nutrients that are often lacking from most plant proteins.

Here's what your body gets everyday when you drink cricket protein:

2X More Protein Than Beef: For building and keeping muscle.

  • 4X More Vitamin B12 Than Salmon: For all-day energy

4X More Bioavailable Iron Than Spinach: For immune and neurological health.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Brain health and helps combat inflammation.

5. It tastes amazing! We guarantee it.

Maybe you’re thinking “Yeah but… crickets?” Our cricket protein powder ultra tasty, so you can have your cake (well — crickets), and eat it too. You get all the nutritional benefits, get to be part of an agricultural revolution (and you won’t have to munch on a single antenna, we promise.

In blind taste tests, our protein powder won against top brands 4 out of 5 times by scrupulous tasters (kids included). Try it for yourself. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money.

6. You’ll be doing good for the planet with an environment-friendly protein.

Did you know that producing the meat for ONE hamburger requires more water than you use in all of your showers for an entire year?!? Our agricultural system is depleting our water sources faster than they can replenish themselves.


Cricket protein requires a tiny fraction of the water that cows need to produce the same amount of protein. Switching your protein base is the ultimate way for you to conserve water.


Additionally, methane is a natural byproduct of animal digestion. It is a greenhouse gas, which means it captures the sun’s heat and warms up the atmosphere. That is all to say that cow poop is a substantial contributor to climate change.


Eating crickets reduces the demand for cows, in turn reducing the quantity of cow poop, making you a climate change super-star!

7. We’ll hooked you up with no-hassle, no-worry autoship

We know you’re busy. Have you ever end up with three days of protein left and totally meant to reorder, but get tied up being awesome (as usual)? Before you know it you’ll end up missing a week of your cricket fix while you wait for your protein to ship.


We want you to feel your best every day, so we’ll set you up with monthly auto-ship. This means you can spend less time thinking about food and more being the rock star you are. Plus, you get 15% off if you sign up for autoship. And there’s no obligation. You can cancel at anytime. Login in or just contact us. Easy-breezy.


Try crickets today. Just choose your favorite flavor below ...

Chapul Protein Powder Shake (1lb) | Chocolate (SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 15%)

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Chapul Protein Powder Shake (1lb) | Vanilla (SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 15%)

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Chapul’s founder, Pat Crowley, was a river guide on the Colorado river and was freaked out by the dwindling water levels, year after year. He realized something had to be done protect our water resources nationally and globally.

60% of the Colorado River is consumed for livestock feed alone!

On top of all the other ways livestock drains and destroys our natural resources, he was determined to find an environmentally-responsible protein alternative.

And in hopped a cricket...

When he realized crickets were an environmentally efficient alternative other protein sources, and that insects are a staple in diets all around the world, he decided it was time to start a food revolution!

Pat appeared on Shark Tank as the first FDA approved cricket protein retailer, and since then has given several TedX Talks around the world to share his passion for changing the food industry to something more sustainable.

Pat’s mission with Chapul has been to expand our cultural perception of crickets and introduce them into our diets in the form of tasty protein powder and energy bars.

Our cricket protein was born from dire need to conserve water and create a sustainable agricultural system, and is delivered to you in the form of tasty, powerful protein powder.

Join Pat in the radical shift to crickets as a sustainable source of protein and delicious nutrition.